VW boss with his horror story

Has VW not learned from the self-inflicted diesel affair? In a questionable brand-name speech from VW boss Diess, he fears the consequences of the scandal and the position of the German car industry. Criticizes the electric car and seems to have stuck in the 20th century. Status quo at the expense of customers and the environment? No forward thinking?
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Let’s summarize. The VW subsidiary Audi has to pay a total of 800 million euros fine because of the manipulation of the exhaust systems on some of their models. Before that, the prosecutor Brunswick has imposed a fine of one billion euros against Volkswagen, which VW had accepted. In the US, VW entered into a settlement in the spring of 2017. In it Volkswagen pleaded – as a company – the conspiracy to fraud, the obstruction of the judiciary and the sale of goods under false allegation guilty, in order to bring the criminal investigation to a conclusion. For VW would have to pay 2.8 billion US dollars, committed to stronger control systems and submits to a three-year external supervision.

Furthermore, there are still proceedings pending. Starting from law enforcement agencies and up to private plaintiffs in Germany and among other things in the USA. In addition, there are still trials in the US against former VW managers. Added to this is the diesel and retrofitting debate in this country.

Despite the many penalties, as well as the technical retrofits and compensation for owners because of the fraud software, the VW Group in the operating business Millarden Euros has made profits or fraudulently reached by the customer.

As if that was not enough, the new VW boss Diess has held a fire speech at a VW event in Wolfsburg. In it he warned of further burdens on his company. Because of the diesel trade, changes to the new, more realistic test cycle WLTP and the stricter regulations for the emission of CO2, Volkswagen and the entire industry must resell realistic cars and pay now the consequences of their fraudulent actions.

The following sentence from the VW boss at a VW event in Wolfsburg brings me to hell: “We are used to the car being criticized. The current campaign against individual mobility and thus against the car, however, is taking on existence-threatening proportions. “

In particular, the German auto industry claims to have understood that the auto industry in the future must produce clean and low-emission car. But complains in the same breath against the policy of Berlin and Brussels. It would all be set too fast and in a hurry. That makes me particularly angry. Because translated means it, we only talk about clean and low-emission cars, but in reality want to continue as before and therefore find the new realistic and stricter regulations as a disadvantage. Because that would mean that you would have to make investments again as a company, instead of distributing the profits to the shareholders. See the graphic of the VW profits from 2013 to 2017 at the end of the article.

I have read all this in a world article and now you realize how far away from reality the VW boss of the economy of the 21st century is. Now he warned that the key industry in Germany would be in danger and draw comparisons like Detroit ran. One thing is right, if it goes on like this, then the German automotive industry in ten years will no longer be among the world leaders, but not because of the new strict regulations and sinking diesel sales. But because one evaluates the electric car simply from today’s point of view and therefore does not want there.

While my favorite carmaker Tesla and other Asian automakers are producing the first good electric cars and successfully selling them to the people, the German car industry prefers to rely on the internal combustion engine and invests far too little in electric cars and its battery technology – own production instead of purchasing. How so?

Because you do not believe in e-cars and see only more environmental problems. Certainly one has already noticed that in the press, which partly from the point of view of the German car lobby reported, rather than neutral, as it belongs to an independent press.

The VW boss commented: “I see high levels of e-vehicle sales, especially in Germany, because we use our CO2-based electricity to worsen our environmental balance rather than improve it. With roughly 600 grams of CO2 in the kilowatt-hour of electricity generated, we rank in the rear midfield in Europe. And I currently do not see how we want to get our primary energy CO2-free by 2030. “

It gets even better, “in fact we’re going to use coal instead of gasoline or diesel, even if we’re electric on the move, or even brown coal in the worst case,” says Diess. “That drives the idea of ​​electromobility ad absurdum. Because then we have the same or even higher CO2 emissions in Germany than today. “

Of course, the VW boss now claims that he does not want to be a brakeman. Something like in politics, but in the end. So he keeps wrong to stop the structural change and sees the mistakes made in coal mining for 50 or 60 years. As if that were not enough, the VW boss cheeky asserted that it was not about him to stir up fears. But wants a realistic understanding of the task that lies ahead of VW and now plays the worker-friendly employer. So in “Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt, Stuttgart and Munich in ten, 15 and 20 years are still vibrant industrial centers,” said Diess. “But for enormous efforts will be needed.”, So the VW boss.

Honestly? One has learned nothing at VW. On the one hand, you continue to act similarly, as in the past. For example, one promises to produce electric cars in the future, on the other hand one criticizes the strict specifications and the electric car. The VW boss talks like a politician. They say what the public wants to hear, but they are not, because they want to continue on the old path. No big investments in the economy of the future, but status quo. So profits for shareholders and something not so dirty cars to the ‘stupid’ buyers.

While the leading electric car manufacturer Tesla from the US is now in his US marriage market, the leading car manufacturer from Germany under pressure. So Tesla leads in the US market for small, medium and large luxury car. The latter by the sedan Tesla Model S and SUV Tesla Model X for about 6 to 12 months, and at the former car sizes for several months by the new Tesla mass model Tesla Model 3. To that extent even that the mass model of Tesla in the third quarter in the best-selling Car models in US ranked 5th. Before that, only car models from Asian automakers like Toyota are coming.

But how did Tesla manage to become so successful in the US? After all, there are Tesla only since 2003 and VW since 1937. In addition Tesla sells only electric cars since the founding, had at the beginning of no experience of the car industry and had to rebuild many things. While VW had sold cars with only internal combustion engines for decades. You will find out in the next blog article, which will be published on my blog at the end of October 2018. Focus then the electrical manufacturer Tesla. From the foundation to today and all current models, as well as the future models. Maybe in several parts and guaranteed more interesting than the last VW years. LOL.