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In November / December 2017, I will publish my first own book under my book publishing Nextbookup. The book will be the first episode of my large book series “Quo Vadis: Destruction of Civilization” and be the first book series from Nextbookup future book formats SeriesBooks and ShortBooks as a new focus in my book publishing, in addition to the classic normal book format – in the slogan is Books meant as normal book format -.

Quo Vadis: Destruction of Civilization – First book series from the Quo Vadis franchise / universe

Among others, my new multilingual book series “Quo Vadis: Destruction of Civilization” as seriesBooks. This is a long-planned and developed book universe “Quo Vadis”, which will start with “Quo Vadis: Destruction of Civilization” as the first book series. It deals with Europe, society and democracy in the 21st century, with the marginal themes of North Africa, the Middle East and Russia, because these issues will shape Europe in the decades to come and can give Europe good or bad decades.

With the first book series, a new innovative business model and book concept will be implemented at my book publisher. Each month of the first book series, an episode with 50 book pages should appear as an e-book. Each 3 months follows then a paperback edition with approx. 150 book pages, in which 3 episodes are summarized. And each year, two hardcover issues, each with 300 book pages to appear, this issue should be designed especially for book collectors and represent the content of 2 paperbacks or 6 e-books per hardcover. And a limited and particularly classy book that presents the contents of 12 e-books or 2 hardcover editions, as in the movie industry the relay box of a series. Currently the details are clarified.

The book series “Quo Vadis: Destruction of Civilization” will be published in German and gradually after a few months in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Turkish, Persian and Hebrew.

In the second phase – so from spring 2018 – also in the languages ​​Russian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, Polish, Greek, Czech, Slovak and Croatian.

Because my book publishing company Nextbookup will not only operate internationally, but also as a European book publisher will focus on the European linguistic diversity and therefore also become active in Northern Europe and Eastern Europe. Other languages ​​could be added in the summer of 2018, including Finnish, Luxembourgish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romansh, Hungarian and Slovenian. This is made possible by the latest technologies in book production and book distribution.

Description: What will Europe look like in the future? What technical achievements have we achieved and what partly frightening social developments could happen? I wrap up a broad social problem in a drama book series to highlight today’s and tomorrow’s issues and how Europe could evolve. The book series plays in the period around 2020 and until 2025.

My indirect biography – background book about the writer Emily-Rose Frank of Quo Vadis

More information will be available until February 16, 2018.

My second book series – working title | 22 Life’s Moments: Fatal or Alive

As the second book series “22 Life’s Moments: Fatal or Alive”, where it deals with how to deal with his bad past by my 22 important life decisions durchluminate and for each moment of life, the best and worst scenario from this developed and one It is clear that there were moments in life that could have ended with suicide. With the book I want to show the other people, which possibilities could arise from the point of view of my important moments of life, thus which potential would have given positive or negative. You could call it a “what-if book”. The book should also help me.

Further projects planned from 2019

2019 will appear more own book formats as SeriesBooks and ShortBooks on my book publishing. The first books of mine will start November / December 2017. There will be more news on my website soon.