My Work

I am very glad that you are interested in my work. On this page you will learn everything about my work, whether it is about my book publishing company Nextbookup, my charitable non-profit organization CrowdCharity, my literary work, my annoying temporary work and, for example, the beautiful side of a blogger.

Partner and Managing Director of the book publishing company Nextbookup

On April 14, 2014, I founded the “Nextbookup Crowdfunding-Verlag UG (haftungsbeschränkt)” after 6 months of preparation in Kirchberg / Hunsrück and since then I have been the partner and managing director. Operational since August 2015 active and was restructured from December 2016 to November 2017 to enable the daring and revolutionary publishing concept for every writer in Europe.

Through crowdpublishing Nextbookup enables a new and extraordinary communication between writers, readers and book publishers. The goal behind it is that every literature gets a chance – whether for ordinary or unusual projects. The result is individual and unique books through crowdpublishing. 5% of the turnover go to charitable purposes for culture, youth, age and refugee aid to the CrowdCharity non-profit sub-UG.

Nextbookup will launch and accurately introduce the multilingual international crowdpublishing platform on November 28, 2017.

Partner and Managing Director of the non-profit organization CrowdCharity

Nextbookup’s vision also includes the “CrowdCharity nonprofit pre-gUG – formerly Cultura Interventus”, which I am finally planning to launch in 2018. Because 5% of Nextbookup’s publishing sales will go to the CrowdCharity for Culture, Youth, Age and Refugee Assistance.

Part of the money will be donated to own projects or donated elsewhere, depending on how much turnover the book publisher has. With a lot of turnover, own projects on CrowdCharity would be possible. Presented through a dedicated crowdfunding platform on CharityCrowd, where other people can volunteer to donate to the project, giving the project more financial space alongside the 5% of publishing sales. Through its own crowdfunding platform, it should also be given the opportunity to present other foreign or own projects on the platform and to attract financial means through CrowdCharity – the 5% of publishing sales – or through voluntary donations from other people.

Why I want to use a part of the sales of his publishing house for good purposes from my own book publisher:

“It was always important for me to be able to make a difference. Not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a person for society. And with 5% of the publisher’s sales revenue, I’ll add my honest contribution, not for some cheap publicity purposes. For me, the promotion of youth was already important through leisure work, this I will now continue through the CrowdCharity. Incidentally, local culture is very important to me and also knows that Altershilfe will cause us many problems over the next few years. Why not watch here is announced, but act. I would be glad if there were more companies donating, not for PR reasons, but because it solves our social problems! “

CrowdCharity’s crowdfunding platform is expected to launch in December 2017.

Writer of u.a. ‘Quo Vadis: Destruction of Civilization’

From December 2017 I will officially become a writer. I am very happy about it. But to get there, I had to work a lot for it. And the beginning had not been easy. I started in 2009 or 2010 with my writing work. Because the big project, Quo Vadis: Destruction of Civilization ‘was already around that time. Even then, I knew exactly what I wanted to write and where the journey would go. Only that had not been so easy for me then. At that time I could not write so well. I simply lacked a certain amount of life experience. Today it is totally different. For a year now I have the feeling that I write totally differently when writing, as I did then. At that time it was difficult for me to write a very filled novel and to be able to describe events beautifully. Today I like to do something like that and make a text really interesting. I hope you like my first book series.

Do you want to know more about my book projects? Then take a look at my book projects on this page! I will fill this page in 2 to 3 days with much more information.

Helper in temporary employment

Currently, I earn my money as a temporary employment assistant. Since the beginning of October 2017 I have been sick because of panic attacks and depression. This also affects all other work with me. Until December 2017, I will still be under contract with the company. Then let’s see if the publisher has the financial resources.


As a blogger I like writing about politics / society, social business / startups, media and about my activities / statsments. Due to the depression, I was only active until the end of 2015 as a blogger. As of November 2017, I want to be active in slow steps and come up with even better blog posts. Also this work should help me against my panic attacks.

Among other things, I will regularly write about my way to the transsexual woman. Also, I will always bring the latest updates from Nextbookup, CrowdCharity and Quo Vadis. And let’s see, what else will write so big …