My involvement in politics, non-profit, child and youth welfare

As a committed citizen, I am an honorary active in many organizations and for many years in different areas. On this page you can find everything about my political commitment in my current hometown Kirchberg.

The beginning of my involvement in politics:

I particularly care about local politics, which is why I am very committed to this area. My political engagement started with the who-knows-wen-group “All for the Hochmoselübergang”, where I became a member in April 2010. I was very involved in this group. About a month later, I was named Admin in this group. Furthermore, I participated in the panel discussions and supported the actions for the Hochmoselübergang.

And shortly thereafter I joined the SPD in May 2010, where I was a member until May 2015 – more on that later – and since then my political work has continued to evolve. Already in the summer of 2010 I became active in the SPD Ortsverein Kirchberg and participated in almost all meetings and activities of the local association. This activity was quickly rewarded by being elected as a cash auditor and delegate in the annual meeting in February 2011 of the SPD Ortsverein Kirchberg.

At the “SPD Local Association Kirchberg” I was elected as a member of the board on March 19, 2012, the office I had led up to my party exit.

In addition, I was elected May 11, 2012 on the board of the SPD Kirchberg official association secretary and web commissioner, I had led the office until my party exit.

Because of my dissatisfaction with the grand coalition, especially since no major reforms are being tackled and civil rights have no value, in May 2015 I resigned from the SPD and joined the FDP. This decision was not easy, as I personally understood myself well with the other board members, but unfortunately was necessary, because what brings a board office, if one is in the wrong party.

Since May 2015 I am a member of the FDP. In the future, I would like to be active again, when I moved from autumn / winter 2017, the exact location is not yet 100% fixed. Why I joined the FDP, see here:

If I live in my new place of residence in the middle of 2018 – I do not know exactly where, but maybe it will be Westallgäu (near Lake Constance / Bregenz / Lindau) -, in the medium term I want to become politically active again. In early 2018 as a blogger and in social media.

It is always important to me in the political work that long-term and new ideas are in the center. Because only in this way is a progress in politics meaningful, everything else brings nothing. At the moment, my focus in my local politics is demographic change – more specifically, how to counter negative developments. In my opinion, through a targeted immigration policy to attract young people and professionals. Furthermore, the tourism and the economy must be promoted in a contemporary way, for example, new marketing methods must be considered.

My Engament in clubs and NGOs:

I’m also involved in some clubs and NGOs. The focus is on economic, social and political issues that are very important to our region.

In January 2011 I decided to become a member of the association “Bürger für den Zivilflughafen Hahn”. Since the summer of 2013, I take care of and care for the Facebook fan page of the association. In April 2014, I was elected to the board for three years as an assessor. In June 2017 I was re-elected for another three years. Should I move to Westallgäu (near Lake Constance), I would give up the office, should I move to Mainz in a big city, I would still continue the office, because the country Rhineland-Palatinate needs the airport Hahn.

On January 27, 2012, I was elected at the founding meeting of “SJD – the Falcon Rhein-Hunsrück” in the acting board with four other people. On February 23, 2012, I was elected to the board. The district association is currently resting, but a reactivation was planned by 2015, but then nothing came of it.

Surprisingly, on September 28, 2012, I was elected as an advisory member of the regional board of the SJD – the Falken Rheinland-Pfalz. At the moment I am not active at the national association, because unfortunately I have no time for it.

From 2018 I will be very active in this area again. Through my own CrowdCharity I would like to be active in the field of culture, refugee, child and youth welfare. Because of my difficult past, I have learned to help in spite of difficulties, so that others will have it easier and because I do not trust the state.

Engaged in child and youth work:

Furthermore, I am involved in child and youth work. Some time ago, many people would not have imagined that. I try to teach pedagogical and political values ​​to children and adolescents. For the children and adolescents are very important for our society, because after all, this generation should at some point take responsibility.

Since the Spring Disco 2012 I was already active in the AWO Kirchberg. At the Halloween Disco 2012 I decided to become a member of the AWO and therefore I am since October 2012 a member of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO). Apart from the children disco’s of the AWO Kirchberg, I also like to get involved in other AWO activities. the Christmas fair in Kirchberg in December 2012 and 2013. There were no activities in 2017, not only because of the hall renovation, but also because of my depression and panic attacks.

I’ve always enjoyed helping out at the Youth Center Am Zug and getting involved. Whether bar service, actions and an internship. In August 2012 it was time that I wanted to take part in the “Children on the train” leisure time as a co-worker and I could do so, it was a great time and a totally hot weather. Also in the last summer of 2013, I was involved as a volunteer in the “children on the train” leisure.

Co-determination / Democracy, Solidarity, Justice, Freedom and Independence. This is the SJD – the hawks and correspond exactly to my values, which is why I am also a proud member of the children and youth association “SJD – the hawks” since January 2012 and the district association “SJD – the Falcon Rhein – Hunsrück” have founded. At the end of September 2012, I was surprisingly advised member of the state board “SJD – the Falcon – Rhineland-Palatinate”. And in October 2012, I graduated with a few other comrades a youth leadership training from the national association “SJD – the Falcon Rhineland-Palatinate”. So in 2013, my activities have been done at the state level.

You have it behind you. I do not have any more for you. I hope you learned a lot from me in this matter.