My goals from the LGBTI community SoulSquare!

As a group founder and transgendered woman in the LGBT scene, I was asked tonight, “What is your goal of the whole thing (group is meant)?”, A legitimate question, and I thought I could give the answer directly to everyone because she added something that is normal for me. “Ok, you live your transsexual side and you have a wife … cool. You live in a region where you are recognized and you go shopping […]
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As a group founder and transgendered woman in the LGBT scene, I was asked tonight, “What is your goal of the whole thing (group is meant)?”, A legitimate question, and I thought I could give the answer directly to everyone because she added something that is normal for me.

“Ok, you live your transsexual side and you have a wife … cool. You live in a region where you are recognized and you go shopping without any problems at Edeka or REWE – unfortunately not everywhere like that and the girls who live there where the net is devouring what we post, in the absolute wishful dream -, ergo should you use your page here to show those who can not, a way they can. “

That’s right, for me it’s been quite normal since the end of October 2017 and I’ve progressively developed since December 2015. But perhaps it is also because it is normal that I not only move in the scene, but I want to be completely normal in the company wants to intervene and always wanted to move and design something. A typical machinist. At that time already in the party work from 2010 to 2015. Today through own projects, after I get some measurements better.

The book publishing company Nextbookup was first created in April 2014 – with a relaunch in January 2018 -, the basic idea of ​​the non-profit CrowdCharity, which has now matured and which will be followed by CrowdCharity in mid-2018.

When I lived self-confidently as a transsexual woman, I also wanted to somehow integrate the LGBTI scene in my projects. It was like this in the fall of 2017. Then in October 2017, I started to rebuild my own non-commercial community, like back in 2009-2013, where I had 10 people around me and loved having people around me as I hated to alone works and at some point you feel lonely.

That’s how SoulSquare came to life around December 8, 2017. Somehow, on the first day, I quickly gained two loyal and nice teammates who are now administrators and also involved with Nextbookup and CrowdCharity. These two have probably seen me today, helped a great deal to have strength for another.

In the beginning, the group was all about friendship, dating, love, fun and entertainment. Since short also events, in the medium term own events under the name SoulSquare take place and the group or community of other communities differ.

But whatever was important to me, that there were a lot of transsexuals in my team and people from the LGBTI scene in general, somehow that was important to me. And at some point, it became clear that I wanted to make the LGBTI scene the center of the community and connect the LGBT scene with the stink-normal society. So that you do not stay with yourself, which I personally do not like to stay under.

She went on to write: “I’m just saying, you’re building something here, which is not about your TRANS thing. You have achieved more and now be careful what will happen. That you’re a trans woman, ergo ‘TS post OP’ whatever, is not interested anymore. This is not just about you anymore. “

No, the SoulSquare community is not about me. The sole purpose of the SoulSquare community is to become the new link and heart chamber of the book publisher Nextbookup and the charitable organization CrowdCharity. Just like a digital living room where you can relax between work and volunteering.

Because I hope that all three projects support each other and benefit each other. Generally, I often act that way. I combine several things in one, to be pragmatic, to reach his goal faster. Alone, I always see projects in danger of becoming harder to achieve.

Among other things, I have developed a consistent management of the three projects Nextbookup, SoulSquare and CrowdCharity to be able to act more effectively and faster. Anyone who squats in the management, will be the first in the book publishing Nextbookup set if you occupy such positions between spring and summer 2018, since I always reward loyalty and appreciate very much.

I’m responsible for strategy / planning, organization and finances, just right for me. To do this, I also take on the tasks of technology / platform and research / development. Since I know a few dimensions with websites and own websites can build very well after the CMS WordPress. Only in web design I can only make adjustments, as my knowledge, let’s say, is beginner-based. LOL.

The communication / editorial / PR takes over the Seli La. Because I recognized in her a very great talent in creativity and writing. She writes very nice lyrics and I would not be surprised if one day she is a good writer.

The areas of personnel, administration, internationalization and customer affairs will be handled by Manuela Bernreuther, who has good foreign language skills in English and French, as well as her native language Spanish, which is very important for the international book distribution of Nextbook, as well as for the English contributions of SoulSquare and for the care of the English team. Since I am a rivet in English. LOL.

What I’m looking for now, an experienced sales manager, who is very good at cross media and inbound marketing and can help a lot with SoulSquare. For this we are looking for a graphic designer who is responsible for the creative department / graphic design and branding. Later maybe a lecturer. Everyone in the management also gets the chance between spring and summer 2018 to get at least a part-time job at the book publisher Nextbookup and, if things go better, also a full-time job. Thus, responsible for all three projects.

But now my clear answer, what do I want with the SoulSquare community?

Until the end of January 2018, a small tangible community in the German-speaking LGBTI scene. Therefore, in numbers, 20,000 to 25,000 members in the SoulSquare Facebook group. The big German transgender, lesbian and bisexual groups each have about 5,000 to 10,000 members. Add to that the gay movement.

My outspoken goal sounds very high, considering that my community has only 7,300 members on Facebook, but especially the last week has convinced me. Because the team has grown within a week from 5 to 14 and yesterday I would not have taken care of a new cover picture and a new group description, it would be determined 15 to 16 team members.

And the team – and the founder or head of the group – is the key reason for my decision that SoulSquare can reach 20,000 to 25,000 members by the end of January 2018. In addition, some in the team have been helping a lot lately, which is why I feel the target is very realistic by the end of January 2018, just a normal challenge I’ve ever needed in my life. 😀

Incidentally, the community will only be German-speaking and English-speaking. By the end of 2018, as the leading community in the German-speaking LGBTI scene – estimated at 7.4% of the German population – about 50,000 to 75,000 members, maybe 100,000, but I find that hard to accept. In addition a small well-known community in the English-speaking LGBTI scene, so about 25,000 to 50,000 members, maybe much more, but I give it on the current status no bets. So overall, I think SoulSquare could reach 75,000 to 125,000 members by the end of 2018, maybe 150,000. More only if I had underestimated some today.

It is very important to me that the community feels like a digital living room, where you can relax between work and volunteer work and sometimes even have a party, then translate events in the medium term by cooperation around spring 2018 and long term summer / autumn 2018 own events.

In the spring of 2018, a separate Facebook page and Internet platform will be created for SoulSquare, in order to give the community several opportunities to reach people outside of Facebook.

I got an ingenious idea today. Since I have my own book publishing house – with a focus on international direct sales from January 2018 – which focuses on large book series – such as series, a small episode per month – and on unique and extraordinary book projects, I could not just write a multilingual book about the Experiences and tips from several transsexuals – 12 in total at the beginning, one per month, a hardcover / paperback at the end – then implement over SoulSquare. But also in general to integrate the LGBTI scene there, so give the community on SoulSquare the opportunity to develop your own projects on SoulSquare and publish on my book publishing Nextbookup only time in German and English, later in other languages.

“Whatever you did, you’ve built something big here, do not make any egotrip out of it.”

Since yesterday, Soulsquare has a clear position, a team with a total of 14 people, so my best project ever, in just 3 weeks. I do not really know why it works so well. I think it’s because I’m a passionate and purposeful person with a clear idea of ​​where to go. And probably, because loyalty and brotherhood – you support each other, if there are problems privately – is very important. That comes to mind. Loyalty is only possible with brotherhood, otherwise you can not take loyalty seriously. LOL. And maybe because I’m a convinced liberal – I’d rather save party advertising here, hihi – so ownership and liberality are very important to me. You can see that in my actions too. I hope I can move something through SoulSquare, so I’ll finish the paragraph and my thought about it.

If you liked my blog article or my thoughts and ideas of SoulSquare, then I would be very happy if you help me and my teammate to make the community better known by inviting some or all of your contacts into the Facebook group ,

And if you have even more interest, you can also like to participate as a supporter or moderator in the Facebook group, because comment here or write me on Facebook or comment on the individual Facebook posts, where I the Posted blog posts. Maybe we will reach 20 to 25 teammates tomorrow – some of them like to speak English – very realistic. Also like your questions, ideas, concerns and / or suggestions for improvement.

By the way, I have opened an invitation event ( at SoulSquare Facebook group ( Target until the end of January 2018 25,000 members. Join in and invite all of your Facebook contacts into the group and add your important friends to the invitation event, so that others might join in making the LGBTI community more known!

I almost forgot the most important thing. Thank you and a big thank you to everyone who supports me and maybe even in my team, without you my goals, strategies, plans, ideas, etc. would not be worth anything.

My last paragraph and concerns, please share my important blog article in the social network, so you would help me a lot, because as it is so nice: “If you think you are too small to do something, then spend a night in a room with mosquitoes! «…